Predict the next Facebook

Imagine if years ago you could predict that Facebook would become this popular. Would you have applied for a job there? Probably. The ones who did made $20 million. Well, with StartupSort, now you can.

StartupSort predicts and ranks on-the-rise startups. This allows career-driven professionals to get the most out of their job hunt by joining early-stage startups on track to becoming famous.

The prediction algorithm

StartupSort collects data like size, funding, website traffic and breaking news for 1,000+ startups, on which machine learning techniques interpret trend coefficients to further predict a growth score that correlates to the potential future success of a company. The growth curve of each startup is then plotted for comparison. For example, Duolingo, a startup that teaches you a new language, has 100M users, a valuation of $470M and right now, 15 job openings; even so, there are other startups which are growing even faster than Duolingo (being ranked #11).

StartupSort screenshot of Duolingo showcasing its growth and job listings

Join the next Facebook

Search for jobs in booming startups. Join the next Facebook. Make millions. Click here to try StartupSort

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