Resume Tip #17: Give a unique file name to your resume

Some recruiters receive hundreds of resumes every day. Have you wondered what happens if we all attach the file “resume.pdf” to our emails? Well, the recruiter receives hundreds of documents having the same file name and different content. Which one is which?!

Resume Tip #17: Give a unique file name to your resume.

What you need to do:

  1. Save your resume as resume.pdf (it’s alright as long as you’re going to send a hard copy of it);
  2. If you’re going to send it by email, rename your resume to something like “FirstName-LastName-Resume.pdf” (e.g. Steve-Jobs-Resume.pdf);
  3. You could even use your top level domain name since it’s guaranteed to be unique.

You’ve just eased up the recruiter’s life. No longer has the recruiter to re-
name the file for you in order to save it locally, but she/he now has more time to spend looking on your resume.

Paul, co-founder of StartupSort

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