Resume Tip #18: Resume should be free of grammar or spelling errors

Errors in [English] usage are a lot like errors in table manners. — Paul Brians

We can go further and associate the restaurant with the company or university that you’ll be sending your resume in. Decide whether your “manners” are good enough for that “restaurant”.

Resume Tip #18: Your resume should be free of grammar or spelling errors.

What you need to do:

  1. Investigate every single character you’ve put in your resume and decide whether it’s supposed to be there or not;
  2. Use a dictionary to check whether you’ve correctly spelled all the words.

Spotting even one grammar error in someone else’s resume shows that the resume was done in a hurry. The recruiter expects to find a flawlessly written resume that shows your strengths, rather than weaknesses.

Paul, co-founder of StartupSort

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