Resume Tip #6: Your resume should be in English (or Mandarin Chinese)

The most popular language on the globe by total number of speakers is Mandarin Chinese with 850 million speakers, followed by English with an average of 700 million speakers.

Resume Tip #6: Your resume should be in English (or Mandarin Chinese).

What you need to do:

  1. Carefully translate your resume to English;
  2. Names of universities and places other than the capital of your country should be left untouched;
  3. Ask an overseas friend to look over your translation.

Every big company has offices in multiple countries, thus cross-country employees use “worldwide English” to communicate to each other. Recruiters will never try to translate your resume for you, no matter how good you may be (i.e. they don’t know how good you are if you’re not speaking the same language). Consider this to be the most basic requirement of all.

Paul, co-founder of StartupSort

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